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Buy A Standard VW Beetle Wiring Loom

a Standard VW Beetle wiring loom
The Beetle Loom is of modular design made up of Front Loom, Rear Loom and Dash Loom.

Throughout the loom all branches are tubed and identified with oil proof lables together with the main lengths encassed in convoluted tubing.

(+ £15 p&p)
The loom is designed to modern standards using thin wall automotive cable and all power leads fused, also included within the dash loom as standard are spare power leads for sat nav, radio etc. Battery and Earth leads supplied with the loom.

Drawings, routing details and full comprehensive build details including all pluging for switches are provided.

The loom is designed to match the standard Beetle requirements, the dash designed to mate directly Beetle switch, stalk etc, being terminated and where required (stalks) connected.