Bill Viola: The Passions por Bill Viola

Bill Viola: The Passions por Bill Viola
Titulo del libro : Bill Viola: The Passions
Autor : Bill Viola

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Bill Viola con Bill Viola: The Passions

Reseña del editor Human emotions are the subject of ""The Passions"", a series of 20 video works made by the contemporary artist Bill Viola (b. 1951). Since the mid-1970s, Viola's video installations have dealt with themes of perception, memory and self-knowledge. In these new works he has grappled with one of the oldest problems in art: how to convey the power and complexity of emotion by depicting the facial expressions and body language of models or, in Viola's case, of performers. Written to accompany an exhibition on view at the Getty Museum from 24th January to 27th April 2003, and which will unveil ""Emergence"" - a new, commissioned work in the ""Passions"" series -this is an exploration of the genesis and meaning of this extraordinary suite of works. In an opening essay, John Walsh traces Viola's career and examines the intellectual and psychological concerns that have preoccupied Viola over the years. Walsh then offers a first-person account of Viola's filming of ""Emergence"". A conversation between Viola and Hans Belting reveals Viola's current interests and the role that older works of art have played in his development. Peter Sellars explores the spiritual foundation of Viola's work. In addition, Viola presents both images and texts that served as sources for many of the ""Passions"" works. Finally, selected frames from the ""Passions"" works are reproduced, with explanatory notes by the artist. Biografía del autor John Walsh is director emeritus of the Getty Museum and curator of the exhibition. Hans Belting is professor of art history and media theory at the School for New Media at Karlsruhe. Peter Sellars is a theatre, opera, and television director, and professor in the world arts and cultures department at the University of California, Los Angeles. Kira Perov is an arts administrator, editor, and widely-published photographer. She has worked closely with Bill Viola, her partner and husband since 1978.