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a wiring loom for a 7 style kit car
We have developed a range of wiring looms designed for 7 style kit cars (Caterham, GBS, Road Runner, Westfield etc), all these looms are of modular format and will match all the dimensional requirements of the car.

Recognising there are many variants regarding donor equipment,(engine, switchgear,etc.) we have built various options into the looms available.

All the looms are supplied with an 8 way blade fuse box and relays. If the ECU option is required this is supplied with an additional fuse box and relays specifically to meet the needs of the ECU. All branches are tubed and labelled in oil proof labels.

Supplied with the loom are comprehensive build details and drawings.

The dash loom is made up with the following as standard: -
  • Dials and Gauges...Tacho, Oil, Water, Speedo, Fuel
  • Warning Lights...Alternator, Lights, Main Beam, Oil Pressure, Fog, Lights, Indicator
  • Switches...Lights, Fog, Heater, Wash / Wipe, Hazard, Indicator, Horn
Simply click on the relevant picture to see in more detail what our looms have to offer. All looms are delivered within 10 working days form receipt of order and supplied complete.