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Buy A Standard Modular Wiring Loom with ECU
For a 7 Style Kit Car

a wiring loom for a 7 style kit car
The loom is made up of 3 modules: -
  • Front Loom connected using Superseal Connectors
  • Rear Loom connected using Superseal Connectors
  • Main Loom

(+ £15 p&p)
The Main Loom contains the Dash Loom which is made up of 6 seperate branches, which allows the dash to be wired up away from the vehicle, these branches are: -
  • Lights
  • Warning Lights
  • Switches
  • Dials and Gauges
  • Wash / Wipe
  • Hazard / Indicators
The ECU Connection contains the following: -
  • Tacho signal pick up
  • Rad Fan signal for cooling fan relay
  • Fuel Pump signal pick up for relay
  • Switched live +ve feed for
    • Fuel injectors
    • Lambda sensor
    • Distributor pick up
    • Coil and amplifier
    • Idle valve
  • Permanent Live +ve feed
  • Earth
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Upgrade Your Wiring Loom With:

A Dash Upgrade:-

Have your dashboard custom wired to take away all the pain. Supply us with your dashboard switches, dials and gauges and we will make the loom to suit. Fully tested, this will plug directly into the main loom.

(+ £15 p&p)